Comic Review: Gambit #2 by James Asmus

gambit1Title:  Gambit # 2
Series:  Gambit Series
Writer: James Asmus
Illustrator: Clay Mann
Genre: Superheroes
Source: Friend
Published:  Aug 2012
Format: Paperback
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Marvel Blurb: The Ragin’ Cajun Gambit has his set size on a major prize. But is this thief’s eye bigger than his stomach?

Case File: Great Opening Scenes/ Flirting Fights/ Story moves forward
Rating: 5 out 5 Hearts

Gambit # 2 is a much more exciting than the previous book. There is a museum robbery, a couple of fights, and new information. The star protects itself from any attempts to force it to leave Gambit’s body but they do find information on it that lead him to a museum. It turns out, he is not the only one breaking into the museum because Rockabilly Woman is there as well. Cue a flirtation fight between Gambit and her before she has the upper hand in the fight and tries to knife the relic out of him. No luck though. Gambit ends up stealing a map from her which she bargains a trade for it because the map is in a dead language that only she can read and he wants the relic out of him so they agree to work together. They need to head down to Guatemala to obtain another piece of the puzzle.

The opening scenes are fantastic because it is not what you expect; reading the surface only makes seem dramatic but upon re-reading them, they are hilarious. Asmus and Mann play with your emotions so well because the scene goes from being frighten for Gambit to laughing at or with Gambit. Gambit # 2  is loaded with some comedic elements and romantic tension between Rockabilly Woman and Gambit.  New information about the relic reveals it is part of a two-piece artifact, not much else but it is clear Rockabilly Woman knows more (she won’t say what though).

Overall, it was a fast-paced comic that had great actions scene and it moved the plot forward cause Gambit is leaving New York City for Guatemala.


5 hearts

Amazon/Barnes & Nobles are Volume 1 editions so they contain Gambit # 1-7.