Review Policy

Contact bookacide at gmail dot com if a book review from me sounds interesting and if the book meets my requirements, then I will be happy to say yes.


I will accept to review books that are…..
Science Fiction             Horror (Suspense/Thriller)             Fantasy (Urban and Paranormal)

I will not accept….
Non-fiction   Erotica  Historical Fiction (unless it is an alternative history which then leans towards science fiction)

E-books (Mobi. E-pub, PRC, PDF)

I accept self-published books.
Meeting the requirements will lead to a book review that consists of : a book cover, official blurb, a case file*, author links, purchase links, a rating, and my review.

*A Case File is a brief 5-7 descriptive words that capture the essence of the book like interesting world-building, charming antagonist, creative insults, and so forth.

To quote Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow, “If I learned anything as a businessman, it’s redundancy” so here is my e-mail once again, bookacide at gmail dot com
Get in contact for a review request or if there are any questions about my policy, then please e-mail me.

I do not receive monetary compensation for doing reviews. All reviews are my personal opinions and preferences.

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