Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update is not  a regular feature for any update or news. That will be Sunday (and if I have any news to relate). But I disappear for two weeks so I figure an update was needed.

I apologize for being absent. I have a semi-good reason. My Nook scrubbed itself clean and deleted everything I had on it which included my reviews. After that, I tried to rewrite the reviews but it was boring to rewrite the reviews and frustrating because I could not find the words that I used before. I gave up on them but hopefully, in a few months, I can re-read the books and write reviews for them.

On the plus side, I was a winner to a couple of giveaways. I won a $5 Amazon gift card from Elyse Lindsay of The Girl With the Fairy Tales and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card from Iyana Jenna at Iyana’s Rainbow. (Some books as well but they haven’t arrive yet).Thank you very much for those gifts. With those gift cards, I bought Ender’s Game, American Vampire # 1, Uglies, and The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor (so excited to read it, freaking love the Governor).

enders game american vampire rise of the governor uglies

That’s all I have on news and updates for Bookacide. What I have learned from this experience so early on in my non-existent blogging career and what I should have learned from Malcolm Meryl whom I so lovingly quote in my Review Policy? Always backup your files, even if it seems redundant.


Welcome to Bookacide

I’m your lovely host, Alicia, and this is Bookacide (Death by Books). I will be reviewing, well, books. Occasionally some movies and television shows. Mainly books, comics,and manga though. Usually the reviews will have the subject of science fiction, horror, thriller, fantasy, and/or death running through it. Not all but enough that it will be heart of the blog.

Fair warning, I will also highlight great works of fanfiction (not mine own) and fanart. Along with music videos and playlists for television shows, movies, books, and ships. Bookacide is a media blog but also a personal blog. I probably won’t be going in depth into my life but into hobbies that are associated with subjects of the blog. Like pictures of Long Beach Comic Con and cosplayers. That sounds pretty awesome to me. Random things like that will be displayed but they will always come back to science fiction, horror, and fantasy.

If this sounds like your type of website, then I hope you stay and comment of the content. If not, hopefully, just enjoy the site. Here is a wonderful start to 2014.