Guest Post: Awakening by Laura Greenwood


                                  Why Sleeping Beauty

Growing up I liked Sleeping Beauty because Aurora was closest to Laura in sounds (silly I know) but even so she wasn’t my favourite Princess; that prize goes to the Little Mermaid or Rapunzel, which probably makes it slightly odd that I chose Sleeping Beauty.

The whole idea came about because I was a part of a Halloween short story blog hop. Basically Awakening just came to me (it was that or a ghostly masquerade idea that I had), that idea developed and became what it is today.

In the original short stories I wrote there were other fairytale characters included, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White, but they didn’t make an appearance in the novella because of the tone change, instead they were replaced by Hansel and Gretel (whose story I am writing now).

The thing about fairytales is that the female characters tend to be quite meek and not really much more than beautiful with voices like angels, and a part of that wanted to turn that on its head. I don’t think Keira (the main character in Awakening) is anywhere near there yet, and she is a bit dependant on Philip, but that is probably what someone would be like if they had a sheltered life and then slept for a long time. The difference with Keira is that she is the centre of the prophecy, despite the fact that someone else chose the path, she is the one that has to be strong enough to fulfil it.

And that is partly where Gretel comes in, you don’t see much of her in Awakening but I had to put a strong female character in there, even if I’m the only one that knows she’s strong (though she is constantly bossing Hansel around!)

Basically I just think that fairytales are magical, but there is so much potential to make each retelling different!

Book Info:

Awakening Novella CoverTitle: The Awakening
Series: Alventia # 1
Author: Laura Greenwood
Genre:  Fantasy
Source: Won in a Giveaway
Published: Mar 2014
Buy Links: AMZ US/AMZ UK

Blurb from Amz:

Cursed before she was even born, Keira is destined to either be the greatest Queen that the Kingdom has ever known…or the Worst. On her 18th birthday she falls into a deep sleep, if she awakens naturally after 100 years then she will be as human as she was before, but if she was awoken before then the consequences will be vastly different…

When her destiny is one of two opposites, which path will Keira’s life take her down. And what choice will she have in the direction

About the Author:

Laura is a self confessed book and tea addict, you will rarely find her without one or the other (and often times both) even when she should be doing work towards her degree! Laura’s been reading from a young age, and has been writing for years, though Awakening is the first thing she has had the courage to publish!

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