Comic Review: Forever Evil-Rogues Rebellion # 2 by Brian Buccellato

roguesrebellion2Title:  Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion # 2
Series: Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion
Writer: Brian Bucellato
Artists: Scott Hepburn
Genre: Superhero
Source: Borrow From Friend
Publisher: DC Comics
Buy Links: AMZ/BN/DC

DC Blurb: Separated from their leader Captain Cold and trapped in Metropolis, the Rogues must fight for their lives against the Secret Society’s secret weapon: the horrifying Parasite!

Case File: Fused Weapons/Mirror travel/ Deathstorm/Cliffhangers
Rating: 4 out of 5

The second part of Rogues Rebellion is far more exciting than the previous one. We finally see how the Rogues’ storyline connects to main storyline in Forever Evil  because we get glimpses into Metropolis and Gotham City.

Trickster manages to make a bad situation worse by talking bad about Power Ring calling him a”meth-head Green Lantern” which makes sense because he is paranoid, impulsive, and he stutters. Trickster does not know how to keep quiet, he is the kid of the group so he has impulse issues and wears out the patience of the group in dealing with him (he receives quite a beating in this issue). The fight between the Rogues and Deathstorm/Power Ring reveals interesting information on both sides. The Rogues had their DNA fused with their weapons which is fascinating because their weapons are not a part of their costumes, they are their weapons. Deathstorm can apparently separate the Rogues from their weapons (which still doesn’t clue me in if he is a dark version of a superhero or an original villain),  so not only is he a fire creature but he can rearrange molecules.  Fascinating.

The Rogues barely escape with their lives and end up in Metropolis but Mirror Master’s power fizz out and Captain Cold ends up in a different part of Metropolis. Captain  Cold decides to follow Luthor and Creature while the rest of the Rogues fight against the Parasite and Archer but to end the fight, they use the mirror roads to travel to Gotham where they are introduced to Poison Ivy.

Rogues Rebellion # 2  has begun the journey to join with the main storyline in Forever Evil, we have Captain Cold following Luther and seeing what is happening in Metropolis. It also branches off into Gotham City and we can see the effects of Crime Syndicate in other main cities of the DC Universe. Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion # 2 ends with good cliffhangers because I’m excited for the third comic, I  can’t wait  to see Poison Ivy.


4 Hearts-Pretty Good

4 Hearts-Pretty Good


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