Comic Review: Gambit # 1 by James Asmus

gambit1Title:  Gambit # 1
Series: Gambit Series
Writer: James Asmus
Illustrator: Clay Mann
Genre: Superheroes
Source: Friend
Published: Aug 2012
Format: Paperback
Buy Links: Marvel/ AMZ & BN *

Marvel Blurb: When Marvel’s premiere thief sets his sights on his biggest score yet, he may just end up over his head. It’s going to take more than just playing cards and southern charm to get out of this one!

Case File: Cliffhanger/Rockabilly Woman/ Naked Gambit
Rating: 3 out 5

Gambit is back and he wants to score from  Borya Cich, arms dealer, who makes deals with anyone and failing him means  repaying him with “powers or magical goodies”so it’s better to not fail him. At Cuch’s party, Gambit meets a lovely rockabilly woman before he is carted away to meet Mr. Cich who warns him to not steal anything. Gambit takes it to heart and proceeds to set up a distraction that will allow him to steal from him. He manages to steal a stone /jewel that later turns on him.

Story-wise, it’s setting up events for future books like who is the mysterious Rockabilly Woman, what will Mr. Cich do, what is the mysterious stone, and how will it affect Gambit? It is a really simple but somewhat intriguing plot.

Stealing from people has become more high-tech than I remember (there goes that career down the drain, lol). Gambit has neat gadgets that copy voices, handprints, and scans eyes, it is complex. Even the vault was out of this world because it has a force field that looks like a regular wall but it is not. He relied very little on his abilities in order to steal.

The art style is all right. I love the first page because there is a panel of a naked Gambit with a well-placed photograph that covers his groin area. It’s hilarious. The comic starts and ends with a half-naked Gambit, nice symmetry.

Gambit # 1 is an all right comic.


3 Hearts-Decent

3 Hearts-Decent

Amazon/Barnes & Nobles are Volume 1 editions so they contain Gambit # 1-7.


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