Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update is not  a regular feature for any update or news. That will be Sunday (and if I have any news to relate). But I disappear for two weeks so I figure an update was needed.

I apologize for being absent. I have a semi-good reason. My Nook scrubbed itself clean and deleted everything I had on it which included my reviews. After that, I tried to rewrite the reviews but it was boring to rewrite the reviews and frustrating because I could not find the words that I used before. I gave up on them but hopefully, in a few months, I can re-read the books and write reviews for them.

On the plus side, I was a winner to a couple of giveaways. I won a $5 Amazon gift card from Elyse Lindsay of The Girl With the Fairy Tales and a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card from Iyana Jenna at Iyana’s Rainbow. (Some books as well but they haven’t arrive yet).Thank you very much for those gifts. With those gift cards, I bought Ender’s Game, American Vampire # 1, Uglies, and The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor (so excited to read it, freaking love the Governor).

enders game american vampire rise of the governor uglies

That’s all I have on news and updates for Bookacide. What I have learned from this experience so early on in my non-existent blogging career and what I should have learned from Malcolm Meryl whom I so lovingly quote in my Review Policy? Always backup your files, even if it seems redundant.


Comic Review: Forever Evil # 2 by Geoff Johns

forever evil 2Title:  Forever Evil # 2
Series: Forever Evil
Writer: Geoff Johns
Illustrator: David Finch, Richard Friend
Genre:  Superhero
Source: Borrow From Friend
Publisher: DC Comics, Oct 2013
Buy Links: DC/Amazon

Blurb from DC: The villains have taken over the world! The Teen Titans fight back! Can the inexperienced teen heroes do what the adults could not? (Answer: Nope. It goes very poorly.)

Case File: Pregnancy/ Batman/  Mysterious Guest/ Love Triangle/ Commissioner Gordon
Rating: 5 out of 5

The comic doesn’t pick up on the action much but man, does it lay the foundations for great future scenes. Like a surprise pregnancy and a love triangle. Normally, I don’t like  love triangle but apparently, adding a baby really makes me excited for them. It’s more than that though. But let’s backtrack a little bit.

It picks up with Luthor realizing that he is going to have to stand up to the Crime Syndicate and he is going to need help to do so. He reveals his secret weapon called Creature which is a clone of Superman  but because he needed ten years instead of five years to be fully grown, he is a little messed up; big, gray, and kind of dumb (he put his suit inside out). He is willing to follow some orders. But just to prove that Luthor is still a villain, he orders the death of the security guard who still has faith that Superman will solve the problem.

The comic provides us more of an insight into the Crime Syndicate’s dynamics. Alfred is helping them and running background checks on everything. There is something wrong with Power Ring’s ring (he’s Dark Green Lantern) because the ring is hurting him. Power Ring seems really weak and he occasionally stutters when he speaks. It is possible that the ring is rejecting him but I can’t say for sure. Power Ring and Deathstorm set off to deal with the Rouges in Central City while Johnny Quick (Dark Flash) and Atomica cause problems for the Teen Titan; defeat them really badly. More importantly, the Crime Syndicate brought someone back from their world that could defeat them (I believe it is Superman) and is a source of division between them. It turns out that something force the Crime Syndicate out of their homeworld and it was quite destructive. I’m looking forward to finding out who it was.

The most exciting thing about this comic, in my opinion, is the pregnancy of Superwoman (Dark Wonder Woman) who appears to be in a relationship with Ultraman but is pregnant by Owlman (Dark Batman). It’s like WHAT. It’s thrilling. The relationship between Superwoman and Ultraman seems almost abusive because he was upset when she sided with Owlman about what to do with their guest. “Never disagree with me in front of him again” is what Ultraman tells Superwoman. There is a power struggle between Owlman and Superman where the price is Superwoman because he lifts her chin as to reinforce his message about disagreeing with him, he needs to show that they are a power couple to him. It’s interesting. The later scenes show Superwoman and Owlman together and the power relationship is different because he seems to care more about her. He tries to calm down her fears about Ultraman discovering that he is not the father but rather Owlman is. They seem to have a more equal relationship and it shown in the panels where they are together, they walk next to each other (whereas Ultraman isolates her from the group by physically blocking her) and she calls him by his first name (which is not Bruce).

In the end, there was a surprise entry by Batman and Catwoman. He does confirm that the Justice League is dead (but here is to hoping he is wrong). They end up in S.T.A.R. Labs in Detroit where the scientists are protecting the Red Room to the best of their abilities. The scientists have some funny moments. Forever Evil # 2 is a great continuation of the series though.


5 hearts

5 Hearts- For My Library Shelf

Film Review: The House At the End of the Street

House_at_The_End_of_the_StreetTitle: The House At the End of the Street
Director: Mark Tonderai
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot
Year: 2012
Source: On Netflix
Purchase: Amazon/B&N

Blurb from Amazon:
Newly divorced Sarah and her daughter Elissa seek a fresh start in a new town. But when startling and unexplainable events begin to happen, they’re pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Case File: Jennifer Lawrence/Badly Executed Plot/ Interesting End Twist/
Rating: Watch on TV

Skip the film. Or  watch it when it is on TV. It really was not that great. It was okay. If you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence (wildly raises hand), watch it. She is the only redeeming factor in the film.

Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) moves to a new suburb and befriends the town outcast, Ryan Jacobson (Max Thieriot), whose family was brutally murdered by his younger sister. Turns out Ryan has a few secrets like keeping his sister locked up in tunnel under the basement. That has a plot twist as well. The film has identity problems because it is not sure if it a serial killer movie, a schizophrenic character driven movie, or how it was promoted on Twitter with the #Hates, I thought it was going to be about a haunted house.

For a horror psychological thriller, it lacks all three characteristics. The scare jumps are all predictable, especially the flashlight moment. It is a mellow film until the end where Elissa proves that she is a strong protagonist because she is able to escape multiple times from her captor. She is smart enough to kick out the backseat of a car in order to escape, brave enough to suffer heat wounds, she is kick ass.

The end is where the movie could have been save if they actually written that movie. They would have pulled a Norman Bates but that would have made more sense than what Ryan was doing with the Carrie Anne’s. The film started the Norman Bates allusions in the beginning, the middle section became typical serial killer, and it ends with a forced Norman Bates scene. The middle of the film is interesting because Carrie Anne looks like a villain but as the film progresses,we see more from her perspective and realize what is going on. The middle just doesn’t explain where the fracture happened between Ryan and Carrie Anne and why did they become two different persons. There should have been a Dr. Loomis to explain what happened.

Upon reading the added scenes in the unrated version of the film, it paints Officer Bill Weaver in a different light, especially when he says “I protected you” to Ryan because I thought it meant protection from the townies who hated Ryan. It could be that Weaver was actually covering up Ryan’s crimes which could have been a better angle to explore in the film because the amount of hatred Ryan receives is unbelievable and it doesn’t just come from a having a murder house driving property value down. (Lizzie Borden’s house is a museum and she may or may have not murdered her parents).

The film had potential but it was just badly executed because it was not sure in what direction to run. It gave up somewhere in the middle trying to find itself and just when back the beginning in order to end the film. Like in the original murder of the parents, I just thought “That it was one masculine female because she has man’s arms, like she is really buff for a 13 year old girl, why can’t I have those arms” and in the end “That’s why I can’t have those arms.”


watch on tv

Review: Legend by Marie Lu

legendTitle: Legend
Series: Legend # 1
Author: Marie Lu
Genre: Dystopian
Source:  Library
Published: 2011
Format: E-book
Buy Links: Amazon/B&N/TBD

Blurb from Amazon:
What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic’s wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic’s highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country’s most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem.

From very different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths – until the day June’s brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family’s survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias’s death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets.

Case File: Metias Iparis/ Similar to Revolution/Underdeveloped Secondary Characters
Rating: 4 out of 5

If you like Revolution, then Legend is right for you.It has that same sort of feeling with the hiding of the United States history and the Patriots as rebels who want to reform it. But that is not the plot of the book.

The plot of the book is centered around Metias’s death, the need to avenge him, and the circumstances under which he died. June hunts down Day to avenge Metias while Day struggles to save his family from the plague disease that occasionally strikes down the Republic. June and Day are wildly successful (lucky in some cases) and very smart as well. They carry a sense of devotion to their families that is admirable.  June and Day have a semi-instant love relationship but I like that is not true instant love. They keep their head in the game and try to accomplish their original  goals . Legend  is a well-paced book between action and inner monologues.

June is the reason why I really like the book, plus her dead brother.  Metias was probably my favorite character because he was a dead, honorable military guy. I don’t feel Day was as developed as June because he was always in the right while June slowly had her world crumble upon her and had to make difficult choices as she learn the truth about the plague and her brother’s death. She was divided between loyalty to the Republic and the truth she learns as she investigates Day. Day’s world also collapses around him but it just reinforces his feelings towards the Republic while June’s feeling are changed and she grows into herself.

The world-building is interesting because it is a fallen United States that has been divided into three factions. The Republic which is the West Coast of the US, the Colonies is the East Coast and the Patriots as trying to restore the United States which means the Republic and the Colonies hate them because it is a threat to their power. The Chinese are viewed as the enemies of the Republic; they won’t import goods from China. Not much of the outside world dynamics is known. Plus, how the United States fell  isn’t known as well but hopefully, the next book dives more into the politics and military dynamics. The Republic holds Trials to determine which people can be productive citizens but it is kept hush hush. It seems relative harmless like an interview, multiple choice exam, and a physical exam combination (so like school) unless you fail and then you get send into labor camps (but not really). It’s intriguing.

Legend has some problems with underdeveloped secondary characters because they all just fade into the background of the book. Tess, who is Day’s companion, doesn’t speak much, she acts more like a shadow to Day. Kaede, a bartender/patriot fighter, fights really well but not much is known about her. Thomas’s rank is never known but he is a soldier, he grew up in the slums but there isn’t much on him either. The military doesn’t have much character development either, other than slowly forcing readers to lose faith in the military as the book progresses. There is more character development on Metias who happens to be dead but haunts Legend like a living character.

In the end, Legend  was a good book. June Iparis’s character development was great to see. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Republic and the fall of the United States because the world-building was interesting.


4 Hearts-Pretty Good

4 Hearts-Pretty Good

Comic Review: Forever Evil # 1 by Geoff Johns

Forever Evil 1Title: Forever Evil # 1
Series: Forever Evil
Writer: Geoff Johns
Illustrator: David Finch, Richard Friend
Genre: Superhero
Source: Borrow from friend
Publisher: DC Comics, Nov 2013
Buy Links: DC/Amazon/ B&N

Blurb from DC Comics: The first universe-wide event of The New 52 begins as FOREVER EVIL launches! The Justice League is DEAD! And the villains shall INHERIT the Earth! An epic tale of the world’s greatest super-villains starts here!

Case File: Lex Luthor/ Cat Conversation/ Waiting Around Villains/ Nightwing
Rating: 4 out of 5

Dark versions of the Justice League superheroes (The Crime Syndicate) have come over to take over the DC world (because they destroyed their own world for rebelling against them).  The plot of this book is break every villain out of their prisons and forced them to obey while killing anyone who stands in the way of the Crime Syndicate. That’s all that happens. Plus, amazing villains speeches from Ultraman (Dark Superman).

Ok, some plot was developed like Ultraman snorting kryptonite like cocaine and becoming stronger but also trying to keep it a secret from his comrades. As well as having a vampire reaction to the sun. Something is up with Ultraman. The Crime Syndicate looks like they could have a good chance in taking over the world because they did expose Nightwing and seem to know everything about him. They are powerful villains.

I just love that the  DC villains don’t believe their superheroes are dead. The villains are just waiting around for the heroes to round them up and put them back in prison or the asylum.  They disbelief in the dark superheroes’ ability to deal with their superheroes because they as villains, have repeatedly failed to defeat the Justice League or any superhero.

The comic is well space out because it starts out with Lex Luthor’s conversation about a cat and ends with the cat. It is a great insight into Luthor’s mind and why he is villain that you empathize with at times. He tries to do a good deed and it just backfires so that just shows him that good deeds are not worth it sometimes but it does stay with him, like could he have done more? It is a great moment of self-doubt because he doesn’t believe he can a be a hero; he screams out for Superman to deal with the Crime Syndicate. He wants someone else to the hero.

Art wise-It is decent. I like it. I don’t know much about art but it doesn’t bother me. It is really sharp art. What you see on the cover matches the inside. (Not always the case in comics).

In the end, it’s a decent start to a series.


4 Hearts-Pretty Good

4 Hearts-Pretty Good